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PTSA Commitment to Equity

The National PTA’s foundational commitment is “Every child. One voice.”  Equality is giving the same amount to each child.  Equity is giving based on need**.  Every child has needs but some have more than others. Not every child starts with the same amount of resources, opportunities and support. The Shorewood PTSA recognizes the disparities in our society, in Shoreline, and in our Shorewood High School community.  These differences in access to opportunities and systems in our country lead to a vast spectrum of varying needs among students.  Our PTSA aims to address these needs so every student has the same chance of succeeding at their goals.  We believe that this affects all student in a positive way.


Our work is informed by the WA State PTA resolution 18.38 Equitable Education Opportunities.


Specifically, “PTA is committed to removing systemic inequities, institutionalized racism, and disparate educational opportunities faced by students of color, students with socioeconomic disadvantages, and students with special needs”.


We also recognize that each person is an intersection of different experiences and identities in life, such as being female, Black and also LGBTQIA+.  Each of these identities carries special weight, limitations and bias in our society.  The intersection of more than one of these lived identities can be extremely complex and difficult for a student to handle.  As a PTSA, we are committed to researching and understanding our own biases so we can be better allies for our students and their families.


To this end, our PTSA has acted on several goals:



We plan to continue this work in the future, and we welcome your participation and support!  Please contact us at to learn how you can get engaged or have your voice heard. We are here to listen. 


**Image showing the difference between equality and equity.


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