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Staff and Student Club Grants

The Shorewood PTSA accepts donations to provide Staff and Student Club Grants for the purchasing of teaching aids, books, equipment, and other resources that are not funded due to federal, state, and local budget shortfalls.  We stand strong in our committment to diversity, equity, and inclusion and we specifically apply the Shoreline Race and Equity Impact Decision Making Tool when considering requests.


Staff Grants directly enrich the classrooms of Shorewood, and therefore the learning experience of our students.  The Shorewood PTSA has been raising money to support academic enrichment at Shorewood High School since 1995 and before.

Since 1995, the Staff Grants project has provided over $350,000 for classroom enrichment!  Annually during the school year, Staff Grants provides approximately $5,000 - $7,500 in grants to 11+ Shorewood departments. Some of the many items that Staff Grants has funded for our Shorewood students in just the last few years include:

  • Calculators for both Science and Math classes

  • Software and apps that have helped during Covid with distance learning

  • Digital and paper books for the library and AP History classes

  • Learning tools for Special Education classrooms

  • Social and Emotional teaching tools

  • Support with fundraising events held by students from each grade level

  • Contributions to spirit activities organized by the school and the ASB

  • Graduation pins honoring the home countries of our Multi-language learners

  • Free t-shirts for the Freshman class     

The form for staff to make requests is COMING SOON FOR 2023/24

The form for reimbursements is here.


Student Club Grants started in 2021 and are born of our commitment to equity for Shorewood students.  We recognize that our students come from varied backgrounds and home life experiences.  Many have olbigations outside of the school building like jobs, taking care of siblings, helping with major household responsibilities, and more.  We are dedicated to partnering with these students through the student clubs to make their ideas for strong and creative peer communities a reality no matter the circumstances a young person may be dealing with outside of school.

The form for student clubs to make requests is COMING SOON for 2023/24


All gifts to Shorewood PTSA  are tax-deductible to the extent of the law. We accept donations at the "Pass the Hat" fundraiser in the fall and throughout the year. 

Please consider supporting academic enrichment at Shorewood High School this year by donating to the Shorewood PTSA.

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